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Nigerian Doctor, Azibanigha Scott, Helps Make Sense Of Depression Diagnosis, Symptoms And Predisposing Factors

A Nigerian doctor, Azibanigha Scott, in a blog post, addressed the wanton use of the words ‘depressed’ and ‘depression’. Dr. Azi, who worked as a clinical content researcher and later on, as a clinical analyst in one of the largest

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Dear MIMsters: After Having this Conversation With My Boyfriend, I Can’t Find Words To Express My Pain

I need your words of encouragement because I have been thinking of doing everything evil under the sun since yesterday night, after having this conversation with my boyfriend. I cannot find words to express my pain. I have been in

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Dear MIMsters: All I Need is a Word of Encouragement

I am a young mum who is currently breastfeeding my nine month old daughter. Something dreadful happened to me today. I was expecting my period but it didn’t come. So, I went to check yesterday. Oh my word! I found

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