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Researchers Unlock The Secret To The Perfect Cuddle Of Kids

Researchers have analysed what makes the perfect cuddle — just don’t squeeze too tight. A team from Japan’s Toho University measured the calming effect on infants of hugs of different pressures, and when given by strangers compared to from parents.

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Should You Always Intervene When Your Baby Cries | Are There Adverse Effects If You Don’t?

Motherhood is such a huge blessing and most mums will prep themselves up mentally, and in nearly every other way to be able to give their infant all the attention and care it deserves. Notwithstanding, all of that, the mum-guilt

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Why Babies Born To Older Dads Are At Risk Of Neurodevelopmental Disorders

It is no secret that genetic factors play a role in determining whether children have neurodevelopmental disorders. Maternal exposure to drugs and viral or bacterial illnesses can be detrimental too. However, a recent epidemiological survey of approximately 6 million people

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Prenatal Exposure To Air Pollution Linked To Myriad Of Health Issues In Infants

A mother’s exposure to particulate air pollution during pregnancy is associated with reduced cardiac response to stress in six-month-old infants, according to new research. This study is among the first to find that particulate air pollution exposure in utero can

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PHOTOS: Nigerian Soldiers Help Children Get Immunized in Borno State

Pictures of Nigerian Army troops immunizing children and offering humanitarian services in Yale, Borno State, have emerged. Reports state that the photos were taken after troops had ensured that the last facets of Boko Haram terrorists had been removed from

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Baby Colic: 10 Effective Ways to Soothe Your Baby

It’s normal for babies to have short bouts of crying episodes, however, being excessively irritable and frequently crying uncontrollably for long hours at a stretch for no traceable reason may signal your baby has colic, especially if he is younger

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