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Philanthropist, Melinda Gates Unveils The Simple Principle That Has Helped Her Marriage To Bill Gates Grow Stronger

Most household chores are generally presumed to be the work of women, especially in Nigeria where men are often ridiculed for helping their spouses with something as little as doing the dishes. Perhaps these Nigerian macho-men can learn a few

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Could Having Less Children Make You Wealthier? See Melinda Gates’ Viewpoint

Melinda Gates, the wife of the richest man in the world and the founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates, has revealed how family planning helps people in Africa to become healthier and wealthier, adding that women without contraceptives become locked in “a

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World’s Richest Man, Bill Gates, Won’t Let His Children Inherit His Wealth. See Why!

Despite having already given more than £30bn of his wealth to charity so far, world’s richest man Bill Gates has revealed he won’t be leaving his £70billion fortune to any of his three children, instead he will give it away

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