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Can Nursing Moms Who Are Infected With COVID-19 Breastfeed Their Babies? | Find Out Here

Concerns of whether nursing mothers who are infected with the deadly coronavirus or COVID-19 can breastfeed their babies have been answered in a new study. According to the recent study, besides being the best source of nutrition for babies and

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Medical Practitioner Gives Insight Into Why Some Women Add Weight After Childbirth

Uchechi Nwachukwu, the Assistant Chief Dietician with the Federal Teaching Hospital, Abakaliki, (FETHA), has given insight into why some nursing mothers add weight a few months after putting to bed. According to the medical expert, the extra weight added was

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State Government Set To Ban Nursing Moms From Bringing Their Babies To Office

An official memo to all departments of government in Delta State banning nursing mothers among the civil servants from bringing their babies to office is underway, PMNews reports. This was revealed by the Chairman, Delta state Civil Service Commission, Nkem

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