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“Embarrassment is better than a wrong union” – Reno Omokiri

Father of three, Reno Omokiri, has shared his usual words of advice on his Facebook page again. This time, he is advising people not to get married because marriage plans are already in motion. He advises that if a person has doubts,

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“Check her kitchen toilet and room before marrying her” – Reno Omokiri

Former adviser to the ex president of Nigeria, Goodluck Jonathan, Reno Omokiri, is well-known for his penchant for dishing our relationship advice on social media. In his very famous segment called RenoNuggets, he states that punishing your husband by denying him sex

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”Teach your daughters to keep their virginity until marriage… Virginity isn’t restricted to one gender, so…” Between Reno Omokiri and a Twitter User

Dad of three, Reno Omokiri, shared his usual words of advice on his Twitter handle. This time, he is advicing parents to teach their daughters to keep their virginity until marriage. Some people thought the post was one-sided and reacted to it.

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