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This Marriage Advice From Female Bank Chairman, Ibukun Awosika Is A Must Read For Every Single Woman

Ibukun Abiodun Awosika is a Nigerian business woman, author and motivational speaker. The 56-year-old successful entrepreneur, wife and mom was the keynote speaker at the 13th annual convocation ceremony of the Covenant University. Telling the graduands to take charge of

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Successful African Single Woman Who Will Not Compromise Her Viewpoint Just to Get Married Is a Real Woman

It’s everywhere! Yes, it is! It is everywhere that women are judged if at a certain age, they are yet to be married or have children. Now, when you find a woman who understands that there is more to life

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Dear MIMsters: I Wish To Be Like My Mum, Will a Relationship With This Guy Make That Happen

I’m here because I need some motherly advise.  I’m a 21 year-old and four months and I’m still a virgin. My Dad has always told me that my mum was a virgin when he married her and my mum said she

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