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Heavyweight Champion, Deontay Wilder Tells Us Why He Contemplated Suicide When He Became A Dad At 19

Professional american boxer and dad-of-four, Deontay Wilder has opened up on his battle with depression and how he wanted to take his own life following the birth of his first child, Naieya. The world Heavyweight champion admitted his struggles came

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Paralympian Mum, Tanni Grey-Thompson Reveals How Strangers And Even Doctors Judged Her For Wanting To Be A Mother

11 time Paralympic gold medalist Tanni Grey-Thompson, has revealed how she was offered a termination at the first scan for her daughter by doctors who thought she shouldn’t be pregnant and how a stranger referred to her pregnancy as ‘disgusting’.

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Spina Bifida: Risks And Prevention

Birth defects are a leading cause of death for infants during the first year of life. They are structural or functional abnormalities present at birth that cause physical or mental disability. In the case of Spina Bifida also called ‘Split

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The Miracle of Science As Mom & Baby Survive Against All Odds After Undergoing Open Fetal Surgery

Open fetal surgery is a complex and challenging procedure; it’s a serious decision to move forward with it, for any condition. It requires a pediatric neurosurgeon with a high level of experience and even then still poses risks for both

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See Why UK Mum,Bethan Simpson Opted For Groundbreaking Fetal Surgery

A mum-to-be, Bethan Simpson, of Maldon,Essex, underwent a trailblazing surgery in which surgeons removed her unborn baby from the womb to operate on it then put it back. The 26-year-old Bethan was 20 weeks pregnant and went for her routine scan, when she

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