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How Do I Get My Baby To Eat Veggies?

How Do I Get My Baby To Eat Veggies?

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Q:  My 18 months old son doesn’t like eating vegetables. How do I get him to eat them because I know he needs his vitamins?

Ellen Etuk, (26), mum to Aniiekan Etuk (18 months)


Christine Wild, (Nutritionist) says:

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If your child doesn’t like to eat vegetables, offer him a mixture of carrot juice and a little apple juice. Carrot has a very sweet taste and it is easy to digest. You can also buy vegetable juice from the shops which you can mix with water. A child should drink 100ml of water daily for each kilo of body weight. That means at 10kg, his liquid intake should be 1L, besides food.

Mix the vegetables with a little apple juice or mixed fruit juice. This will give the vegetable a sweet taste, so your baby can slowly get accustomed to it.

It could also be that for your baby, the pieces of vegetables are either too small or too big.

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