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5-Year-Old Pupils Caught Having Sex In School’s Bathroom

5-Year-Old Pupils Caught Having Sex In School’s Bathroom

It was an irregular school day at the school and children were moving in and out of teacher Kelly Mascio’s classroom for MAPS benchmark testing.

Kelly Mascio was in no where prepared for what she was about to witness as she stumbled on two of her pupils, a boy and a girl, naked and having sex in the bathroom. The children admitted to ‘having sex’ when they were asked.

Now, Mascio who has been a popular teacher in that school for about 16 years reported the case immediately to her supervisior. Now her job is on the line as she’s been suspended with pay and the district may be moving to terminate Mascio from her position.

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Do you think that it’s fair the teacher might lose her job? Those kids already know about sex. Is the teacher to blame for that as well?

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  • The teacher shouldn’t be punished 4 that coz d children already new abt what they are practicing probably 4rm there parents or 4rm their if teachers were dismissed 4 reportng such cases,then others might b afraid 2 report when next such a thing happn nd its nt helpng d students nd d school too.

  • That’s unfair. the teacher did nothing wrong. The children should be cautioned and their parent should work on their kids.

  • This oyinbo pple sef, How is d teacher at fault, This kids are far too enlightened now by all this social vices. So it is best to caution them and monitor them carefully.

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