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How Would You Rate Jada And Will Smith’s Parenting Skills?

How Would You Rate Jada And Will Smith’s Parenting Skills?

What really is going on with Will Smith, Jada Pinkett and their bohemian teenage style-icon daughter, 13 year old Willow Smith? Also a star in her own right, she acts, sings and raps. A recent picture of her has just gone viral. It’s a photo of her sitting with a young man in what looks like his bed. Although she’s fully clothed, the guy in question is “topless” .This isn’t much news though as she’s known to court the press effortlessly.

Incidentally, the guy in question is Moises Arias, best known for his role as Rico in Hannah Montanna (one of your children’s favorite flicks). The black and white picture itself was taken by a friend of Willow’s and Moises’. It was Moises who posted it on his instagram. He has since deleted it but other people have re-posted it and now, it’s gone viral.

Fine, there may be no particular cause for alarm in this one photo, but everyone’s saying that her celebrity parents should put more restraint on her general behavior;

1. She seems to have way too much liberty for a 13 year old.

2 .A child who has said she wants nothing to do with school, she even posted pictures comparing school to prison.

 3. She has piercings and tattoos on more places than normal for even an American 13 year old, the list seems to go on and on as she courts the media effortlessly with what is being coined as “her style”

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 4. In 2012, over Willow’s having shaved her hair, her dad Will said, “she’s got to be allowed to have command of her own body, that if he takes charge of it for her, she’s going to replace him with some other man when she goes out into the world.

5. Her mom on the same issue of shaving her head said, “I made a promise to endow my little girl with the power to always know that her body, spirit and her mind, are HER domain”.

How much freedom really is too much freedom for a 13 year old?

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