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20 Year Old Dad Kills His 5-Week Old Baby

20 Year Old Dad Kills His 5-Week Old Baby

A young father kills his 5-week-old baby, when other family members had gone to buy a him a pacifier. Continue reading……

According to Daily Mail;

A 20-year-old father has been accused of murdering his five-week-old daughter when they were left alone together.

Tommy James White Jr, 20,from Garland, Dallas, was booked into Dallas County Jail yesterday andĀ charged with Capital Murder- Person under Six Years of Age.Ā Police were called to the scene at 5am on Friday to find someone at the home administering CPR to baby Spencer Claire White.


The baby had ‘multiple injuries’ and was taken first to Baylor Hospital of Garland, then transported via helicopter to Childrenā€™s Medical Center of Dallas, according to The Dallas Morning News.Ā She was in critical condition and died on Friday night.

Detectives discovered thatĀ White JrĀ ‘had been left alone with Spencer for a short time while other family members went to the store to purchase a new pacifier’.When they returned, ‘Spencer was unconscious and not breathing’, according to the police report.Ā After talking to the father, investigators decided to arrest him, believing that he caused the girlā€™s injuries while the two were alone.

‘He, the baby and the mother had come over and spent the night at this relativesā€™ address in Garland. They spent the night and then this occurred early the next morning,’ said Officer Joe Harn of the Garland Police Department.

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‘They do believe that he caused the injuries to this baby. We do know that family members had left to go to the store to get a pacifier for the baby.’

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  • Such a wicked world we live in.., how can you look a baby as young as 5wks old in the face and kill it. Sad.

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