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David And Victoria Beckham’s 15 Year-Old Son Takes A Regular Job

David And Victoria Beckham’s 15 Year-Old Son Takes A Regular Job

David and Victoria Beckham’s son takes a regular job to learn the value of money for himself. Continue reading…….

According to The Sun;

Brooklyn Beckham, 15, has got a weekend job in a coffee shop.
hourThe oldest son of David  and Victoria Beckham  is working as a barista because his multi-millionaire parents want him to learn the value of money. He could be working for the minimum wage of between £2.68 and £3.50-per-.

According to The Sun on Sunday, he has already done several shifts serving coffee to workers and tourists in London. A source told the newspaper that David, 39, and Victoria, 40, are keen to teach Brooklyn the ‘value of money’. The source said: “Brooklyn has got the world at his fingertips and could have a life of luxury if he wanted – but the lad is not that way inclined.

“Brooklyn and his three siblings ( Romeo, eleven, Cruz, nine, nine, and Harper, two) have all had a great start in life – much better than most. But David and Victoria want them to know what hard work is like.

“They’re chuffed they’re back in London too, as American children are more spoilt and that’s not what they want to instil in their own kids.”Brooklyn wants to make his own money and be his own man. His mum and dad are delighted and it’s a testament to their parenting skills.

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“Instilling a solid work ethic early will be good for him.”

Source: The Sun

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  • Instilling a good work ethic indeed. Great. Congrats to the couple and their son.

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