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Maunchausen By Proxy: Possible Diagnosis For Woman Who Fed Son Salt

Maunchausen By Proxy: Possible Diagnosis For Woman Who Fed Son Salt

We brought you an earlier report about a woman who fed her son excessive salt, which killed him eventually. Was it intentional? Was the woman mentally alright? She faces possible diagnosis of a clinical condition called MAUNCHAUSEN BY PROXY. What is this condition all about. Read more…….

According to Daily Mail;


Munchausen by proxy, is a psychiatric disorder which makes a parent purposely hurt their child — to get attention.‘It is so counter-intuitive to all our ideas of what parenthood is supposed to be,’ said Dr. Marc D. Feldman who has written extensively about Munchausen syndrome. ‘But medical child abuse can and does occur.’

Feldmen told USA Today that this case has at least four distinct red-flags for

him that indicate the possibility of abuse;
1) Garnett had a feeding tube for unknown reasons. In case of Munchausen
by proxy the child will be sick enough to have a feeding tube or intravenous
line that gives the abuser access to the body internally. ‘That’s an avenue for
medical chaos,’ Feldman said. ‘A feeding tube is a real red flag.’
2) It is almost physically impossible to ingest or force feed a lethal does of
salt. However, introducing it over time through a feeding tube is possible.
3) Feldman points out that those with Munchausen often exhibit pseudologia
fantastica — compulsive lying – Spears told lies about her partner and about
being a mother
4) Exaggerated stories of their child being ill is another symptom – and in this
case Spears obsessively detailed her child’s illnesses online
5) People with the condition also have borderline personality disorder, a
psychiatric condition marked by problems with impulsive and reckless
behavior, leading to unstable relationships.
Signs of Munchausen by proxy can include;
  • A child who often is hospitalized frequently with unexplained illness and then their condition improves when the parent is not with them 24/7
  • Other symptoms that do not equate the child’s test results.
  • Symptoms that deteriorate at home but get better when the child is in hospital
  • Siblings who also died under unexplained circumstances.
  • A parent who is a nurse or who has operated in the health care field.


Authorities have yet to rule on the cause of death. And as of last week, the Westchester Medical Examiner’s office was still reviewing toxicology results a source said.

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Source: Daily Mail

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