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A Family Of 9 Children Live Large On Tax Payers Money

A Family Of 9 Children Live Large On Tax Payers Money

A couple who have 9 children, pregnant with 2 more, on government benefits, decide to tale a lush vacation just before their expected twins are born. They’ve caused quite a controversy already as to why they should have so many children anyway, on tax payers funds. Read on……

According to Daily Mail;

A couple paid £38,000 in benefits because they have nine children are on a £5,000 taxpayer-funded family holiday in Menorca and said today they want to buy a villa on the Spanish island.

Cheryl Prudham, 32, and husband Rob, 29, who are expecting twin girls in September, have told MailOnline they are ‘having a great time’ and will return again next year. The huge family, from Gravesend in Kent, have paid for an all-inclusive deal at the three-star Hotel Victoria Playa in Menorca’s Santo Tomas resort, having flown out for a fortnight last Friday. The couple said they are enjoying quality  time with children George, 14, Jack, 13, Caitlin, nine, Maisie, eight, Millie, six, Madison, five, Leon, three, Lenny, two, and Lainey, one.


Mr Prudham said: ‘We’re having a great time. I’d like to buy a villa out here. ‘The kids deserved a holiday – it’s nice for them – and we just want to  spend time with them. We’ll be taking them again next year. Mr Prudham said critics of their lifestyle are ‘jealous’ and ‘stuck up’. I’m not bothered what other people think. They’re just stuck up. People are just  jealous. It’s none of anybody else’s business. ‘Other people like us go on holiday all the time and it doesn’t matter if it’s in England or abroad, it all costs the same’.


The couple could be fined more than £800 after taking their children on holiday during term time. ‘I’m not worried about the school fines. It is up to us when we go on holiday’, Mr Prudham said. Mrs Prudham, who put a selfie with her husband up on Facebook while on holiday, was also seen smoking while her children were splashing in the pool. When asked how she can justify a fortnight abroad she told The Sun : ‘We can’t even enjoy a family holiday’. And commenting on smoking while pregnant she added: ‘I’m not drinking though, am I? I asked my midwife and she said  to me it would be worse if I give up because I would get too stressed  out. So I’ve cut down’.


The couple also admitted headteachers had warned them not to go on holiday in term time, but they went anyway, which means they face fines of £60 per child – a total of £840. TaxPayers’ Alliance spokesman Andy Silvester said: ‘Taxpayers won’t be convinced that chipping in for a sunny Spanish holiday is the best way for their money to be used’.


Last month part-time carer Mrs Prudham said her twins would be her last, and plans to be sterilised so she can  focus on her career. When the twin baby girls are born their benefits and tax credits will rise to a staggering £40,000. Mrs Prudham said: ‘For one, I work more hours  than what they are saying and two, I’m going to be sterilised. I’m going to have a caesarean and I’m going to get sterilised at the same time. ‘I’m glad that I am pregnant with twins and I am amazed by it. It’s not  anybody else’s business. I do a job that most people couldn’t do. I care for the elderly every single day.’ Mrs Prudham added: ‘I don’t give a s*** if people are on my side or not. I don’t care. ‘It is actually no one else’s business about what I choose to do in life.  It doesn’t matter what you say people are still going to judge you. They are still going to bad mouth you.‘I don’t care what people think, it is my choice that 11 children are  going to be more than enough. Obviously I want to carry on my career and things like that.’

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The parents have been involved in a long-running battle over their council house, because they said they needed a bigger one for all their family. They used to live in a tiny home in Sittingbourne, Kent, and first demanded a new home last year  after hearing about other families on benefits who had landed huge properties.They repeatedly bid for new council  homes through Kent Homechoice, which works alongside Kent County  Council. However, they were left furious when they were turned down by  the authority. Instead they agreed to a house swap with a family living in Gravesend, Kent who wanted to downsize. But Mrs Prudham said previously she is unhappy with the new £200,000 home – because they do not like the new neighbourhood. She added: ‘We’ve been here for about three months but I’m not really happy with the new house.  houseWe’ve got enough room but it’s just we had to move  out of Sittingbourne and we liked it there.‘But there was nothing available there so I had to do a mutual exchange here and I don’t really like it here to be honest. I’m not going to be able  to go back to Sittingbourne.’


Cheryl Prudham and husband Rob, split the day by working 20 hours a week each, which brings in a total of just under £1,400-a-month. Their wages are topped up with £70-a-week in working tax credits, while their £123-a-week rent is paid for by the council. The pair also receive £7,326-a-year in child benefit, and an astonishing £400-a-week in child tax credits. It means the pair’s annual income is £52,722 – £38,000 of which is benefits – which is £18,000 more than the average working UK household.


Source: Daily Mail  

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