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Dear M.I.S Readers: How Can I Bring Myself To Forgive My Husband Who’s Being Lying To Me

Dear M.I.S Readers: How Can I Bring Myself To Forgive My Husband Who’s Being Lying To Me

I am married to a loving husband who can do anything to make me and my daughter happy. However, my husband has always flirted with girls on different social media. In short, he is a cyber cheat! We had a very intense fight 3 weeks ago after which he promised me he was going to change totally. He said those girls always just start loving up when he talks to them. He deleted BBM on his phone and kept off other social media! He became more tuned to my feelings and in return, I became more loving towards him.

Last week, a lady mentioned my name on twitter, I clicked on her profile and saw a pic-mix picture of her and my husband was her profile picture. I checked her tweets and saw that there has been so many love notes from her directed at my husband. Her twitter name even claims my husband’s baby.

I asked my husband who she was and he said she was just one of those girls obsessed with him, and that I should just laugh it off which I did. A few days later, I got a shocker – a picture of same lady and my husband kissing was her profile picture on twitter! I was shocked. I munched it and sent it to him. He started apologizing. Everything about him disgust me! This girl is a cheap slut! How could he be with such a lady? I am prettier than this girl, even after having a baby! I blocked him on Facebook, twitter, and his number. He called my friend and told her he did something very bad and should please check me at home. We talked yesterday and I asked for all the details! This kiss happened in December when she came into town. He claims he didn’t know she snapped it, that she wanted sex and he didn’t give her. He said that he kept away and she’s been stalking him since then. This girl doesn’t mind that he is married as she claims him on twitter. He’s asking for forgiveness. I cannot forgive, I don’t know how to anymore! I thought he was just a cyber cheat! He’s been seeing them and I can list more than 3 girls that has caused us to fight! Will he ever change? Can I ever forgive and love him again? Please advise me!

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