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YAY! 7 Ways To Make Your Baby Sleep Longer And Better

YAY! 7 Ways To Make Your Baby Sleep Longer And Better

By Ebube Imana

To ensure that your baby sleeps better and longer at night, it’s vital to first understand your baby and then, create a favourable bedtime routine which must remain consistent. Here are some important guidelines….

1. Establish a Consistent Bedtime Routine
This cannot be over-emphasized. Usually, your baby will be more relaxed and prepared if there’s a routine that makes him familiar with what’s next. The more relaxed baby is, the easier and quicker it is for him to fall asleep. Whatever routine you decide on, consistency is key. Your baby may need a few days to adjust and cooperate as you continue with his routine. Introduce calming or soothing bedtime activities before sleep, such as, a bath, a bottle or breast-feed, a massage, and so on.

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2. Have a Consistent Daytime Routine
During the day, keep your baby to consistent schedule by ensuring he feeds, and naps at the same time everyday, as this helps to set his internal clock. Babies love schedule and thrive on it. Knowing what to expect makes them feel comfortable.

3. Feed Baby Close to Bedtime
It is important that your baby is fed before bed so he will not have to wake up later at night due to hunger. This also puts him in the right mood for sleep.

4. Allow Baby Nap During the Day
An overtired baby is less likely to sleep, so, allow your baby nap during the day or your baby will be restless and fail to settle down to sleep easily.

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5. Wear Appropriate Clothing

Not too light if the weather is cold or too warm if the weather is hot. Ensure your baby is as comfortable as possible as this will make him sleep longer. Excessive cold or heat interferes with baby sleep, whether at night or during the day.

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6. Invest in Sleep Inducing Gadgets
A rocking or swaying cradle or white noise machine will most likely make your baby sleep. The sound of a fan can also help soothe baby to sleep.

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7. When Baby Wakes Up At Night, Avoid…

  • Changing Diapers: Unless in the early stages when your baby wakes up because he wants a diaper change, do not change your baby’s diaper during the night unless it is very messy. Changing your baby’s diaper could wake him up and prevent returning to sleep easily afterwards.
  • Feeding Immediately: Try not to feed your baby immediately he wakes up during the night as he may not even be hungry. Wait and see if he soothes himself back to sleep.
  • Carrying At The Mildest Sound: Unless your baby’s cry is insistent or sounds like he’s in distress, do not lift him off his crib. Try to pat him back to sleep. Sometimes, your baby may even go back to sleep on his own if you wait a bit.

Finally, be open to discover and adapt new techniques along the way, taking cues from your baby. If one technique isn’t bringing as much result as desired, it’s time to try out a new one.

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