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4 Simple And Effective Tips To Permanently Lose Weight

4 Simple And Effective Tips To Permanently Lose Weight

By Johnny Robinson

Losing weight is difficult but keeping it off is even more difficult. There are many people who lost some weight by going on diets or consuming weight loss pills but gained it back again quickly. The real way to permanently lose weight is through healthy, natural means so that it doesn’t come back again the moment you stop dieting or stop taking those weight loss pills.

So what are the methods to achieve permanent, healthy weight loss? First of all you have to be prepared to make permanent lifestyle changes. You cannot expect to accomplish long-term weight loss while spending hours daily sitting in front of TV, munching popcorn and not getting enough physical activity that your body needs. If you are prepared and determined to make lifestyle changes, read on the below given tips which can help you lose weight permanently.

1. Exercise at least 30-60 minutes everyday – If you have a tight schedule then exercise several times for 10 to 15 minutes each time. This way you can get the 1 hour exercise needed to stay in shape. There are many exercises you can choose from, pick the one you like best. It can be something as simple as brisk walking or cycling or swimming. These activities can burn lot of calories and help in maintaining a fit body.

2. Eat smaller meals – Do not eat 3 large meals per day. Instead eat 4-6 smaller meals so that there is not much gap between each meal. There are many benefits of doing this. First of all, due to the smaller gap between meals you won’t feel like eating snacks in between. Secondly, the smaller meals can be easily and quickly digested without putting much burden on the digestive system.

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3. Eat at home – You have to cut down the habit of frequently eating out at restaurants or fast food centers. Home cooked food is healthier as you are in control what ingredients to put in the dish you are preparing. It reduces the chance of making unhealthy food choices. Make sure you have healthy foods stored in your refrigerator. Avoid having packaged, high fat or trans fat foods in the house.

4. De-stress before eating – People usually eat more when they are stressed. So it is important to de-stress before eating. Some of the ways to de-stress are doing stretching exercises, chatting with friends, doing an activity that you like and find pleasurable. Do whatever you find effective so that you can be in a happy, relaxed mood when you sit down to eat.

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