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Dying Mum Buys Kids Birthday Cards For Next 20 Years After Hospital Blunder Delays Cancer Treatment

Dying Mum Buys Kids Birthday Cards For Next 20 Years After Hospital Blunder Delays Cancer Treatment

A dying mum has written birthday cards for her two children for the next 20 years as she strives to be around for her family for “as long as possible.”


Katie Maytum, 35, from Maesteg, South Wales, who was diagnosed with incurable breast cancer does not know how long she has to live but has been preparing for the future by lovingly writing cards for her daughter Megan, 14, and son Zac, 11, for the next two decades.

Last month the former mental health nurse accepted an out-of-court settlement after suing the NHS for £750,000 claiming she was denied treatment because surgeons thought she was too young to have cancer.

After noticing a lump, her GP had requested an urgent referral but it was downgraded to routine, reports Wales Online.

She had claimed surgeons ignored official cancer guidelines by forcing her to wait five-and-a-half months to see a specialist.

Representatives of Abertawe Bro Morgannwg University (ABMU) Health Board admitted a breach of duty in her case.

Three days after the case, Katie married partner, Nick, at a special ceremony on the Gower and instead of a honeymoon they are planning a family trip to Florida and Mexico at Easter.

And Katie is having to face up to an uncertain future and make the most of the time they have left together.

She has chosen, bought and written birthday cards for Megan and Zac until they are 35 and has bought several gifts to be given to them as they grow up.

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“I will miss my family, I’ll miss my children getting married, grandchildren, all those milestones,” she told the Sunday Times.

“Trying to get to grips with my prognosis while also knowing that had I been seen when I should have been, I wouldn’t be in this position, if impossible. It’s always at the back of my mind, niggling.. I still can’t understand why I wasn’t seen. I have friends who have breast cancer who were seen within two weeks. Why did I have to wait?”

Katie says she felt “vindicated” by the court decision, with the money being set aside for the futures of her children and for changes to the house when her condition gets worse.

But, importantly for her, she got the formal apology she wanted.


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