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10 Ways To Give Your Vagina Some TLC Daily

10 Ways To Give Your Vagina Some TLC Daily

Your vagina does a lot for you. It expands to let ‘you know what’ in during sex, cleans itself to keep you happy (and usually itch-free) below the belt. And oh, yeah, there’s the whole childbirth thing, too. We’d say that more than warrants a few favours in return. Here are some ideas to¬†give your lady parts some much-needed¬†TLC daily:

1. Buy Super Seductive¬†Underwear.¬†And if you want to dance around to “Thong Song” while rocking your new¬†panties, we won’t stop you.

2. Buy Super Comfy Underwear. Sexy lingerie and sweatpant-ready undies are 100 percent mutually exclusive -but your lady parts can (and do) enjoy each in their own way. Granny panties always have a place in our drawers.

3. Go Commando.¬†There’s something so liberating about ditching underwear altogether for a day (but for the love of chafing, please don’t do this when you’re wearing jeans).

4. Eat the Foods Your Lady Parts Love. Little-known fact: Consuming fruits, veggies, whole grains, and Greek yogurt can help promote vaginal health. So, eat up!

5. Check Yourself Out.¬†Lots of women have never actually grabbed a mirror and gotten up-close-and-personal with their va-jay-jays.¬†But keeping an eye on your vagina¬†is actually super important; when you know what’s normal for you, then you’ll be able to easily spot any potential problems down there.

7. Strip Post-Workout. Skipping your post-sweat session shower can lead to yeast infections, and avoiding that itchy situation is basically one of the best things you can do for your hoo-ha.

8. Do Kegels.¬†Although it’s not guaranteed, they may lead to stronger orgasms. Even if they don’t, secretly doing Kegels in public is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Learn more about Kegels here.

9. Get a Bikini Wax. It might hurt like hell in the moment, but your lady parts will feel so fancy afterward.

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10. Treat Yourself to Some Lube

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