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Actor, Femi Adebayo Spills On Failed Marriage

Actor, Femi Adebayo Spills On Failed Marriage

In an interview with City People, Femi Adebayo dispelled rumours that Funke Akindele was responsible for the crash of his first marriage seven years ago, explaining that the marriage crashed because his ex did not like his profession.

“Maybe I should put it in a way that everyone will understand. Femi Adebayo has been single for seven years, I lost my first marriage seven years ago and I felt this is the real time to say I am ready for another marriage. It is not as if I have gotten a date or venue for the marriage like the way it circulated. Funke had nothing to do with the marriage crash, the major reason my marriage broke up was that my baby’s mother did not like my profession. Funke absolutely has nothing to do with this marriage problem. And I want people to get this clear.

My ex-wife sought for divorce after two years of marriage. After about two years of separation, I think she couldn’t take it any longer, she filed the divorce about four years ago. The marriage was dissolved and we had agreement on how to take care of the babies, how to have access to them and all that. She has the custody of the children and that is that. Under the principle of Islam which our marriage was celebrated, she should have the custody of the children,‎” he said.

On why he was silent on the issue for so long:

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“Well, I have a right to my privacy and if I have issues with my wife, it is not ideal to go public to broadcast it. There are several marriages either from celebrities or not that have gone down the drain. So mine is not an exception and marriage is a contract which you can breach anytime if one party is no longer comfortable with the condition of the contract.

I see it as a personal problem that I have been managing for long and I see no reason why I should go around to talk about it in public that my marriage had issues. I am a celebrity, so people will be interested in knowing many things about me. But I don’t believe I should make it a public issue that my marriage is unsettled and that was why I kept it to myself.”

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