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6-Year-Old Boy Aids Mum In Supermarket Brawl

6-Year-Old Boy Aids Mum In Supermarket Brawl

The shocking moment a six-year-old boy aided his mum in a Walmart supermarket brawl was captured in a YouTube footage. The young boy kicked his mum’s opponent and squeezed a bottle of shampoo over her face as his mum pinned her down.

Would you want your child to do the same for you?


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  • No way. I would never want my child to do same. Hell to the NO. What has this world turned to? Two women fighting, and no one is even trying to separate them? And to think it’s a man thaat is making a video of it is disgusting Mtscheeeeeeewwww.

  • Well,i’ll never find myself in this kind of situation.That’s crazy

  • What was the fight about in the first place? I wouldn’t do such so my son won’t have any reason to aid me

  • I won’t even degrade myself to that extent not to talk of in the front of my growing child.

  • Its very irresponsible 2 fight in front of ur child.For me what d child did was natural.To him he us defending mum or assisting mum 2 win d fight or defeat d opponent.The mum however showed a very bad example when she is supposed 2 be her role model

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