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6 Simple Chores You Should Assign to Your Toddler

6 Simple Chores You Should Assign to Your Toddler

Assigning age-appropriate responsibilities to children from as early as possible is crucial to helping them acquire critical life skills as they grow. In case you’ve been wondering just what your little cutie between 2- 4 years can help with around the house, here are simple chores to start with:

1. Sorting and putting their toys away after play. A toddler’s play area can be a totally mess after play. Teach them how to sort out their different toys after play and put them back in the appropriate place by practising the process together a couple of times. This will save you some stress soon enough.

2. Clearing the table after meals.Ā Serve their meals in cute plastic plates and teach them how to tidy the table after a meal. Start by letting them clear scraps of food on the dining table, empty into the trash can and take the plate to the kitchen sink. They’ll learn fast after guiding them a few times and will subsequently feel like an adult doing it independently.

3. Sorting matching socks. This can help in teaching concepts of ‘same,’ ‘different,’ and even colours.

4. Folding small pieces of laundry. Remember, the child is only a toddler, so, keep it simple by starting with small items like washcloths or tea towels. As they progress, you may add their t-shirts and other easy to fold pieces.Ā They should also learn to put their dirty clothes in the hamper.

5. Watering outdoor plants. Give them a small watering can or put water in a big bucket and have them water your flowers and other outdoor plants. You could have some fun splashing water at each other while at it.


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6. Emptying small trash cans.Ā They can also help you pourĀ small trash cans or wastebaskets into a big trash bag while holding it.

Remember, whatever you choose to introduce must be simple and age-appropriate. Praise them all the way to motivate them to do more.

So, what is your toddler doing already? Share these and other ideas with other mums below.

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