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Charly Boy Pens Sweet Note to Wife, Diane Oputa, As She Celebrates Her Birthday

Charly Boy Pens Sweet Note to Wife, Diane Oputa, As She Celebrates Her Birthday

Charly Boy’s wife, Diane Oputa known as Lady Di, whom he’s been married to for 37 years, is a year older today and the doting hubby penned the sweet note below to her in celebration.

My Dearest Diane,

Like joke like joke we both are getting older. Today is your birthday and once again I can’t help but to celebrate you in the open, what I have always done for the past 37yrs of our married life. Celebrating our extraordinary life together. I hope that our togetherness over the years have taught some people about perseverance, tolerance, discipline and love.

You know our marriage has not been a bed of roses like that, but we have stayed loyal together through all kinds of terrible weather, never strayed, through all the challenges, battling so many winches and wizards, through tick and thin, even in poverty and great hopelessness. I have been our soldier, protecting this fragile thing called marriage. E no easyooooooooo.

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Thank you for standing by me through all my bullshit, my ignorance and my mood swings, the fact is that I can never live with anyone like me but you have managed to survive 37yrs of me. Sometimes am not sure I deserve you, some other times I feel I could have done better or you could have done better. However, I trust that you have the stomach to still tolerate us for another 37yrs. Frankly, after 3 failed marriages, so many krugeegee waka, I think God did indeed bless me with you.

You know it’s not all the time that I will be sweet and romantic like you would like me to be, because sometimes my eyes dey see pepper for this nonsensical environment. However, one thing you can take to the bank is that am serving “Life” with you. You have taught me that marriage isn’t about how compatible couples are but how they deal with their incompatibility.

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You are one of the things in my life that I got right, my ultimate merit badge. I know what your life here means to me, it’s been like a blessing sent from God that I can truly see. God through you has shown me who I need to be. Thank you my wife and a very Happy BirthDay to you, may we never grow old. If no be YOU, Na who.

Your Loyal Mugu( for life )


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