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How Principal Stripped Female Student & Brutally Assaulted Her in Lagos

How Principal Stripped Female Student & Brutally Assaulted Her in Lagos

Ogechi Blessing, a 14-year-old SS2 student of Eva Adelaja Girls Secondary School, Bariga, Lagos, was allegedly severely flogged on her bare buttocks and back by the principal and five other teachers for slapping the head girl.

According to reports from an eyewitness, Ogechi and the head girl had a disagreement and Ogechi retaliated the slap she got from the head girl. The head girl then reported to the school authorities, who called Ogechi into the staff room where the principal and five other teachers allegedly asked her to remove her uniform and thereafter flogged and slapped her severally before making her cut the grass for 4 hours under the sun.

Ogechi has missed out on writing her exams since the incident occurred.

The case has now been reported to the police.

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  • What kind of evil principal is that? They all need to be arrested Mtscheeeeeeewwww what nonsense?

  • Everyone involved in this matter should be severely dealt with. WTH????? You want to correct a child in 2016, you inflict this kinda injuries on her, what for???? I trust human rights to deal with this hooligans that calls themselves teachers. Gone are the day, this isn’t 1932.

  • They should thank God she is not my daughter cause I for flog all
    of them to coma with nepa wire Unclad.should a senior prefect slap or assault a fellow student?
    when we see something that is wrong, we should condemn
    Even if that girl stole or did someone inane, should she be
    physically abused in this manner??
    If she is our daughter,would we tolerate a teacher
    leaving these horrendous marks on her body,A little child is abusing the little position of a prefect. What
    would happen if s/he joins the military or becomes a
    A prefect has no right to punish a student. The duty of a
    prefect is to report to the teachers what they see and hear.
    There is no justification for this nonsense and if this girl was
    my remotely related to me, i can grantee you that those
    teachers will pay full price.
    If i don’t get the teachers, i will have my guys get their

      • Yes I dey boil see the marks nah,am sure those teachers won’t have allow anybody to beat their child like this,I know the important of flogging a child at school so he/she won’t do that thing again,I haven’t seen anybody that was flogged the way I was flog during my time in school,I was usually flog for no reasons at all,I was d class captain when the class make noise they flog me instead of the people making noise but not to this extent,at some point self I was enjoying the flogging cos I was beginning to get use to it

  • Both the Principal & d teacher have no shame… The law should take its course

  • Am just shocked, I don’t get it. Beat a student all because of ordinary head girl….chooo

  • What nonsense is this? I guess that principal and the teachers have been sleeping with that head girl of a student, they must all pay for this! Totally unacceptable.

  • Some parents can stomach rubbish sha.Flog my child to this extent say wetin happen?

  • Please who’s following up with this terrible act to avoid it being swept under the carpet? Thanks to social media. All persons involved should be made to account for their actions. Terrible……those saddled with the responsibility of formative development are now needing it most

  • The girl is in subordinate truly but the beating is much abeg.not proportionate to what was done and why should they be many to beat her up; does not sound like corporate punishment again but ganging up against a defenceless girl . At least six strokes of the cane& /cutting grass wt suspension would have been good to serve as a deterrent to other pupils.

  • And they call themselves mothers and they will do that to their own kids. They better be dealt with and fired as they are not fit to be teachers

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