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Married Woman Alleges Doctor Raped Her During Supposed Fertility Test

Married Woman Alleges Doctor Raped Her During Supposed Fertility Test

One Mrs. Funke has alleged the Medical Director of a fertility clinic, Sayemi Nature­science Centre, raped her on Saturday April 9, 2016 at one of his centers in the Ikeja area of Lagos during a supposed fertility test.

According to The Sun, in her statement at the police station few days after the alleged rape, she said,

“I have a 24 year old son and ever since, all efforts to get pregnant had failed. I have visited different hospitals and prayed end­lessly for God to remember me. Luckily, I have an understanding husband who stood by me all these years.

I knew that I had to do anything possible to ensure that there are children in the house. This was how I picked interest in any programme that talks about fertility. Early in the month, I watched a health pro­gramme organized by the Doctor who is the founder of Sayemi Natu­ralscience Centre, Ikeja.

During the programme, he ex­plained that he had a natural way through which he could heal infer­tility. I was impressed and I decided to visit his clinic when he explained that my problem could be solved through dieting.

Last Saturday, with the consent of my husband, I decided to pay him a visit. I bought their clinic card for N2000 and waited for my turn. When I finally saw the doctor, I nar­rated my medical history and all the efforts that I had made to conceive. He assured me that his clinic would be my last bus stop but he would need to access my body through vaginal scan.

I knew what vaginal scan meant. Immediately, I stretched my body on the table for examination. Normally, you were expected to lie down and spread your legs widely apart. I trusted the doctor, so I never queried his method.

He applied cream on my vagina and inserted the instrument used by doctors for normal vaginal scan. The only odd thing he did was to touch my clitoris and I tried to resist and he told me to calm down that this was a perfect process of induc­ing my hormones so that he could access my body well.

At that point, I relaxed very well, closed my eyes and spread my legs because my focus was to get solution.

At a point, he removed the equipment and inserted it again but this time, it was much bigger. I be­lieved that it was as a result of him fondling with my clitoris that made me to get carried away to the point that I could not tell that the stuff that was bigger inside me was actually his penis.

It was the noise he made when he was about to ejaculate that drew my attention and I opened my eyes and lo and behold, he was actually having sex with me instead of the scan.”

She claimed, in shock, she quickly wore her pants and asked the doctor why he took ad­vantage of her.

She added,

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“I was shocked as well as em­barrassed. I was terrified because I could not understand if this was the process. He quickly removed the condom and threw into the waste basket and started begging me to forgive him and allow him to pro­ceed with the treatment. I left his office and complained to the nurse who was on duty and she said that it is not a new thing that the man is used to sleeping with most of his patients. She asked me to forgive him that she would find a way to get the hospital compensate me so that the matter would be closed.”

On why she did not scream or attack the doctor when she discovered what happened, she claimed,

“When I discovered what he did, I was terrified because I could not understand why he did that to me. I have heard of how people mys­teriously die and my main concern was to leave his office alive, that was why I complained bitterly to the nurse. When I got home, I told my husband what I went through and he asked me to formally report to the police. Heaven knows that I did not consent to the act. I only had faith in the doctor that he knew what he was doing.

I am legally married and I am blessed with a great hus­band. That was why I confided in him. He was the one who encour­aged me to be bold enough to report the matter to the police so that such a crime would not continue.”

When the media called the number on the hospital card, the person who answered the call admitted that he was the Medical Director and queried if his accuser was not con­scious or drugged when the alleged act took place. He however declined further comments on the issue when he was called subsequently.

The case is currently being investigated by the police.

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  • Women should know that a male doctor is not supposed to Carry out any scan or procedure where you will have to take clothes off and show body parts without a female chaperone especially in this our Nigeria. Same thing happened to a girl last year, same way in Ayobo area of Lagos and as we speak now she’s pregnant for the said doctor.

  • Transvaginal scan without any nurse in there?He stimulated her clitoris,wore a condom and proceeded to have sex with her and she didn’t know(kept her eyes closed while the man was groaning and pumping away) until he ejaculated?She was not drugged,not unconscious nor a virgin as not to know what a penis feels like.What the doctor did was totally unethical but I feel the woman consented to it.#myopinion

  • I can’t believe anyone can be so dumb not to differentiate between an instrument and a dick. They ain’t same woman, knock it off.

  • I’m without you!!! She may not have consented at first BUT The clitoral stimulation got her so aroused that she decided to enjoy the act and act up ONLY when she felt him close to ejaculating as that may cause another reaction. Since she knew she could hide under guise of being raped. Women!!!! That doctor is an animal though. But I will never believe my wife wholely in this regard.

  • Please don’t judge her,the same thing almost happened to my sister,she said her eyes were closed because she could not bear looking at a man that is not her husband to perform such test on her,the only difference was that the man started breathing heavily and she heard the sound of his belt,when he was unfastening it,she shouted and the man man closed her mouth knelt down and begged her not to talk,that it was the devils handwork,she even told the nurses and they begged her not to tell on him. (doctor)

  • I think the woman in question should be interrogated properly by the police, not because I feel this can’t happen but because she should know when a penis penetrates her. Sounds like set-up.

  • hmmmn i dont totally believe this womahow can u human being b into you u u wont know

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