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See What Some Dads Shared About Their Kids’ Hilarious Moments

See What Some Dads Shared About Their Kids’ Hilarious Moments

Some proud dads have taken to social media to share some of the funny things their children have said and done, as well as their own philosophical thoughts on fatherhood.

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According to his tweets, his 3-year-old finds her mother more scary than the ‘monster under the bed’.

He also says ‘don’t dance while you’re wiping your butt’ is one phrase he thought he would never have to use

Another amazing dad recalled a conversation at dinner about the meat content of the meatballs they were eating.

He told his daughter the dish was probably 90 per cent meat, leading his daughter to ask innocently: ‘So it’s 10 per cent balls?’

An impatient dad listed a series of the ‘slowest moving things in the world’, which included snails and glaciers. 

Surprisingly, the number one on his list was: ‘My kids getting ready for school in the morning’. 

One dad tweeted the disgusting moment his 5-year-old grabbed his face, before whispering: ‘I just pooped and I didn’t wash my hands’.

One dad also said he handed over a raw potato when his toddler demanded that they get dinner immediately.

Meanwhile, Simon Holland had a different problem on his hands when his kid woke him up at 5.45 am, saying: ‘Daddy, don’t worry, you can sleep. 

‘I’m making my own breakfast, how do you turn on the oven?’ 

One dad said that having a child has meant that he has lost his touch when it comes to current affairs. But at least he can name every single character in Peppa Pig.

For another, having a daughter has made him realise his age. He wrote: ‘My daughter just asked why we say “hang up” the phone and now I feel 90’.

And for one man, trying to choose a name for his baby had unexpected results – with the best thing being ‘realising how many people you hate’.  

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Another dad has revealed the things he does to make his own life a bit easier when it comes to parenting.

‘I wear a clown mask to sleep just in case one of my kids has a nightmare and comes to sleep in our bed,’ he writes.

And when he came across a dead deer on the side of the road, he told his kids: ‘Looks like Santa lost his temper again’.

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