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Read How Physically Challenged Man Rose Above Obstacles

Read How Physically Challenged Man Rose Above Obstacles

Phil Eaglesham, a former US Royal Marine left with physical disabilities after contracting Q Fever, has been selected to compete at the Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

The Herald reports that Eaglesham contracted the disease five years ago while on tour with 40 Commando Royal Marines in Afghanistan.

Despite his condition, the determined Marine has continued to actively participate in sports, with the support of Plymouth-based Hasler Company in England.

According to reports, it was confirmed today that the Help for Heroes Academy athlete will represent Paralympics Ireland in Rio, where he will compete in shooting.

The father said, “Rather than just sitting in the house all day resting, I feel normal. It gives me a sense of being a Marine again. It takes me back to who I was probably more than anything.”

Eaglesham began competing in shooting at the US Marine Corp Warrior Trials in 2012 and won silver at the trials in his first-ever competition, sources say.

This has been a source of inspiration to the father who struggles to overcome the long-term physical and physiological effects of his illness.

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“Sport has really given me an outlook on to doing something positive,” said the athlete, whose desire to make his wife proud and be a good example to his children strongly motivated him to embark on this journey to Rio.

After attempting suicide a year ago, the former Marine has decided to focus on positive things. He said, “Just over a year ago I tried to take my own life. I’d just had enough of the deterioration and the impact it was having on my wife, the kids, others around me. It’s difficult to talk about it, but it’s good to talk about it.”

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