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‘My wife still breastfeeds our 8 year old son and has denied me of intercourse…’ Man Laments

‘My wife still breastfeeds our 8 year old son and has denied me of intercourse…’ Man Laments

According to an unnamed married man, who wrote to Joro Olumofin ,  their 8-year-old child has come between he and his wife’s sex life.

Read what he wrote below…


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  • How can he say another race is not normal mtschew that’s a very rude thing to say about some other people. Pass your message across without talking on other people.

  • Common ke? That is crazy. For me, the solution to this type of behavior is just to shun her and make her believe another woman has taken over. If she still loves the man and values her marriage, she’ll have a rethink.

  • This is way too abnormal, really? I don’t know how you can talk her out of it but it’s freaking insane

  • Lol… I think she’s doing it to get back at him over something he may have done her that really hurt her… Men, whenever they choose to talk about their wives’ s sudden change in attitude they always leave out what they did that caused her to change….and some women too can carry grudge deep inside while silently taking revenge… Oga drop ego aside, ask your wife to forgive your errors, plead with her thoroughly and promise never again to hurt her, she go give you the thing(s).

  • Send her packing or report her to her family and yours. She is using that child for sexual reasons. That is child molestation. Its wrong in all ramifications. Whatever her husband has done to her does not justify breastfeeding an 8yr old boy. His peers will mock him. He may even grow up hating his mother. This is not normal

  • Bgn to cane dt child n each time he wants to suckle he will remember the spanking n flee from that ur property (breast).
    Truly its abnormal to breastfeed a grown up boy. Kai !! I never hear ds one bf ooo.
    N Op r u sure ur wife is psychologically n Emotionally stable? Pls check well oo. N if u Av done something wrong to hurt pls settle it cos no rite thinking woman will deny her husband sex.

  • That’s child abuse. She’s using the child to seek sexual pleasure. She needs counselling

  • thats not good.seems there is disagreement btn.first as a boys guide try talk to him to stop.second let your wife stay with his punami.just chill and its a matter of time then she will beg.mine denied me for a month,i left her bed and slept on sofa for 3months,she came begging me fuck her and i said no.for 6 month now i see she’s a grown up.

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