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10 Things To Teach Your Daughter Before She Turns 10 (Part 1)

10 Things To Teach Your Daughter Before She Turns 10 (Part 1)

Dolapo Marinho

As a mother to two daughters, I have found it’s never too early to start teaching the skills and values I want to see them display. I believe that interesting girls become interested women, so pull your daughter under your wing as soon as possible to give her a head start in life!

Here are 10 things I think every mum should try to impart on their daughters before they clock 10. Some might be viewed as controversial, but, hey, my own mother taught me to have the courage of my convictions!

1. Question everything!

My nine year old has been taught to question everything! Why must I fit into the box that other people think that I should be in because everyone else is sitting quietly in that box? Why can’t I ask questions about childbirth? Why must I believe in God? Why must we wash our hair? Why must I go to school?

The questions themselves are not as important as the process of reasoning that starts to develop in her mind.

So, teach your daughter to question and argue out her thoughts, presenting her opinions in a constructive and respectful way. Set her mind free and you will be amazed at the rate at which her curiosity grows!

2. Kitchen Savvy

Confidence in the kitchen is a must! Bring her in whenever you’re preparing the family meal and teach her, one step at a time, to be confident in the kitchen.

Food is medicine for the soul and a girl that is able to cook, is also able to heal.

3. A Second Language

In a male dominated world, any edge you can give your girl will reap rewards. A second language will give your daughter an advantage at every point in her life – whether it’s simply being able to communicate in Paris or Peru!

It will also broaden her mind because she will naturally want to know more about the people whose language she is learning.

Note that with any language, early introduction is important.

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4. Private Areas

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It is never too early to teach your child to understand boundaries.  These can be abstract boundaries, like personal space or physical ones like the private areas of her body. We read every day about girls being exploited by sexual predators and the ages of these girls can be as low as two years old! It is therefore essential that your daughter knows the areas of her body that are out of bounds to everyone!

Teach her that her body is sacred and must be treated with respect!

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5. Hair Care

My nine year old daughter can undo, shampoo, condition, blow dry, moisturise and twist her own hair.  At the age of six, I bought her a mannequin head and taught her to work with hair.  I have never looked back.  She takes out her own braids and can plait her sister’s hair.

This didn’t happen overnight and was borne more out of my own selfish desire not to spend hours grooming their hair! But I tell you for nothing, what she has learnt herself about her hair type, what products to use, how to protect and style, has been eye opening for me.  She even gives me ideas on what to do with mine!

…To Be Continued.

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