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BIRTH CONTROL: 2 Mums Share on What Works For Them

BIRTH CONTROL: 2 Mums Share on What Works For Them

Are you a new mum and wondering what birth control option to settle for? While you should talk to your gynaecologist to weigh your options, get some inspiration from these mums as they tell what options they’ve tried out so far and what works for them now.

Folake Badmus, mum to Aseoluwa (7) and Ara (4)


After our first child’s birth, we decided to wait a little while before trying for a second baby. Within this period, I counted safe days; this method is called ‘the Natural Birth Control Method’.

Using this method, you must be extremely careful and highly disciplined. The tricky part is that your spouse must be in total agreement with you and must be very disciplined as well.

How does it work? Usually, menstrual cycles fall into three phases – the starting period of infertility (pre-ovulatory infertility), the fertility period and the last few infertile days before the next period (post-ovulatory infertility). You should count from the first day of the menstrual period. So, day 1 to 7 and day 21 to rest of the cycle are the safe days or period.  This method is perfect only for women whose menstrual cycles are regular, that is, 25 – 32 day cycles.

So, I did this calculation religiously month after month after the birth of my first child. Each time I miscalculated for one reason or the other, I took another precaution by using an Emergency Contraceptive Pill, also called the Morning after Pill.

My second child came three years after my first and my husband and I decided to have a proper family planning done. I had a few counselling sessions with the Nurses at a prominent General Hospital located within my area of residence. After due consultations, I was advised to use Intrauterine Contraceptive Device (IUCD) which was inserted by a trained nurse in December 2012. Although initially, I experienced some irregular monthly flow, this has since normalised and I do not feel any discomfort whatsoever during sex or my monthly period.

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Chiomah Momah, mum of four


Initially, birth control for me was a case of just calculating my safe days by studying my cycle, but after I had two children back to back, we decided to look for a more foolproof method.

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After my second child was born, I chose the IUD (coil) as it didn’t require any calculations and could prevent pregnancy for 5 years or more. I found this quite convenient, however, my periods became extremely heavy and I was always worried of being stained while on my period.

After I had my fourth child, I decided to try Mirena which is basically a hormone based IUD as I heard one of the side effects was no periods. I loved it at first but very soon, I found out that I was unable to lose my post-baby weight as previously obtainable and instead was getting bigger.

It was frustrating as I was working hard to lose weight and nothing was happening. I also started to experience some pains in my lower back. Subsequently, I had a discussion with my Doctor who told me all my symptoms had nothing to do with Mirena but I decided I would remove it regardless. As soon as I took it out, I felt much better and have decided hormone based birth control is not for me.

Right now, I have decided to put back the IUD. My gynaecologist told me that if I experience heavy bleeding, I can come back to discuss medication to reduce it.

For new mums, I would advise you to think of what is most convenient for you and your spouse. If you are forgetful, then the pill or patch may not work for you. If you have heavy periods, you may like Mirena but personally, I don’t. I like the convenience of the IUD as I don’t have to even think about changing it for the next 5 years.

What has been your own experience? Share with other mums below.

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