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Quadruplet Mum Finally Embraces Family Planning Method

Quadruplet Mum Finally Embraces Family Planning Method

Following the birthing of quadruplets, a 25-year-old mother of six children Patience Abantelhe, says she will embrace one family planning method before leaving the hospital in what she says is a step in the right direction.

Abantelhe welcomed 3 boys and 1 girl at about 9:30 am Friday at the Sacred Heart Hospital in Obudu, Cross Rivers state through a caesarean section and now says she is done with bearing more children, Punch reports.

The babies, who weigh 1.7, 1.7, 1.2 and 1.3 kilograms respectively are currently in an incubator at the hospital and are the third, fourth, fifth and sixth children of the Abantelhe family, who already have two children.

Abantelhe said to Dr. Betta Edu, the director general of the Cross River State Primary Health Care Development Agency who came in to visit the mother and her babies:

“I know about family planning and I will do it before I leave the hospital, I do not want any other children now.”


Addressing Abantelhe alongside other women in the maternity ward, Dr. Betta laid emphasis on the need for family planning and child spacing describing it as necessary for proper care to be given to children, adding that countries, where the method was imbibed had a low rate of mother/child death after delivery.

However, she charged the quadruplet mum to take a break from giving birth to more children.

She further stated:

“Just five days ago, a woman in the northern senatorial district of the state delivered quadruplet, she already has six children while the husband is a carpenter and she is a full-time housewife.

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“Family planning is like a vaccine for maternal mortality. If there is family planning, there is the likelihood of reducing maternal mortality. If we imbibe family planning, this maternal mortality that is getting too high in Nigeria will be reduced.

“Again, family planning will help them manage their situation economically considering what Nigeria is going through. If women can embrace family planning, they can take good care of the few children they have.”

Mrs Abantelhe’s husband is reportedly a carpenter.

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  • Telling Nigerian women to do family planning is like asking them to leave their husbands lol. When so many of them have this mentality of children are gifts from God and end up having more children than they can cater for mtschew. Imagine a carpenter with six kids already, what business do they have getting pregnant again? Then tomorrow the girls will become runs girls just to make ends meet. Countries where they have life easy and all necessary amenities don’t even give birth as much as we Africans that are suffering.

  • Oh she doesn’t want more ‘for now’ meaning she will continue later. Please tell her the economy is harsh o(in case it has not reached her side)

  • Looking on the bright side, she did the right thing. Economy isn’t smiling.

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