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5 Cool Things I Love About Having A Baby Girl

5 Cool Things I Love About Having A Baby Girl

Growing up with six siblings; all boys, I always yearned for a baby sister; someone to join my own ‘gang’ like most of my girlfriends, but it never happened. Then, I got married and two kids later, it seemed I would never have a mini-me either. I wasn’t happy. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely loved and still adore my boys, but you see, my husband and I had agreed we’ll have only three kids and every day, I kept reminding myself there was only one more chance we’ll have our own little princess.

You needed to see how obsessed I became with friend’s and family’s baby girls. I would hold and play with them endlessly and buy them lots of baby girl things, from accessories, to clothes and shoes. My husband playfully called me ‘olojukokoro’, a Yoruba word which means I’m covetous. I couldn’t just wait to have my own baby girl. That dream came true for me about 10 months ago, and I’m still totally over the moon.

See 5 absolutely cool things I love about having my cute baby girl…

1. A mini-me

I finally have a sweet girl who’s just a replica of my beautiful self (you should meet me to see I’m a walking goddess #winks) just like my husband. I was previously irked about how my boys just passed by all my physical traits like that and packed all their father’s. Not fair, right? Now, we’re even…or almost even.

2. Full, silky hair

This cute-pie is surely going to take after mama’s long, lovely hair. I can tell! I’m just super excited about the many ways I often play around with her hair, using varieties of colourful and sometimes, playful baby girl hair accessories.

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3. Endless varieties of stylish and colourful clothings and shoes

You should come have a look of my baby girl’s closet! She may never get to wear most of the clothes and shoes I’m constantly buying, but who cares? I’m enjoying every minute of dressing her up in every lovely piece I can find. I didn’t have this sort of fun with my boys, and dressing her up only gets better as she grows.

She’ll soon become a toddler and start playing dress up with my make-up, accessories and shoes, and remind me of how I once used to be.

4. No accidental wees, sometimes right into my mouth

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With my boys, nappy changes or nappy free time may hold some not so cool surprises like that stuff just flying straight in the air and spilling wee in my face, food or drink. Most times, I find I’m never swift enough to save myself.

With my baby girl, all I can ever get is a soiled cloth, bedspread or couch.

5. A future girl buddy

I’m excited about the girly bond we’ll share, all the girly talk and fun things we’ll do together, the fights (oh, I had so many of that with my own mother) and really, the thrills of grooming and watching her grow into a full-blown woman.

What do you love about having a baby girl?

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