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BABY RECIPE: Apple & Blueberry Puree

BABY RECIPE: Apple & Blueberry Puree


Just introduced solids? Here’s an easy-to-prepare, nutritious and yummy puree recipe your baby will love. Appropriate from 6 months.

3 big apples (peeled)
3 dl fresh blueberries

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How to prepare

Cut apples into very thin slices. Wash well with water. Steam fruits or cook 1 dl water on a very high heat. Once the water starts boiling, put the stove on the lowest heat and add the apples to the water. Close the cooking pot with a tight lid and allow to simmer for a minute and turn off the heat.
Stir and allow the heat to soften the apples. Once soft, add blueberries and leave to soften for a minute or two. Blend them into a soft paste and serve warm or cold.

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