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4 Typical Signs Your Child Is Socially & Emotionally Healthy

4 Typical Signs Your Child Is Socially & Emotionally Healthy

Social and emotional health contributes significantly to a child’s overall health and disposition. You probably know that already but guess what? There’s more. Recent studies show children who are raised with love in a home with lots of avenues for regular and fun interactions with their parents, including playing and reading together, sharing stories, singing and eating together, are likely to develop higher social and emotionally health.

This, according to researchers, is associated with greater academic achievement, improved behaviour and social acceptance, as well as overall wellbeing as they grow.

So, how can you tell if your child has a high SEH? Find 4 typical signs below…

1. High Self Concept

Children with a high SEH always seem quite comfortable in their own skin, even amidst a crowd or in an unfamiliar territory, and exude an aura you’re always proud of.

2. Understand Emotions & Demonstrate Self regulation

They are also familiar with varieties of emotions; fear, anger, sadness, joy and do not feel embarrassed about expressing them. They also express negative emotions with a level of self restraint and get over them in record time.

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3. Express Empathy

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Children with high SEH also have this endearing quality; ability to understand, validate and show consideration for others’ feelings.

4. Form Positive Relationships (with peers and adults)

In addition, they also possess impeccable social skills. Whether with peers or adults, in the neighbourhood, at school, church or elsewhere, creating and sustaining useful relationships comes naturally. They seem to do it so effortlessly, often to the admiration of others.

If your child has all of these qualities, it’s important to keep encouraging them so they can maintain and improve on them. In the same vein, children who lack most or all of the above traits need to be encouraged and taught to gradually imbibe them. See a few useful tips here.

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