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My Supercool Sis

My Supercool Sis

Do you have an older sister you look up to for guidance? Or maybe you have a younger sister who is looking to you for inspiration? Sisterhood is a very special relationship. I remember growing up and wishing I could be like my sister. She was just so cool, from the way she spoke to the way she dressed. She was the smartest big sister on earth and I used to wonder how she knew so much. I remember my Mum telling her to always set a good example for me to follow, I think she did it so well.


Today, I’m an expecting mum and I hope to have 2 little girls that will love each other from the moon to back. I love fashion and can’t wait to dress them up in beautiful princess-like dresses. My mum did that for my sister and I and I know exactly where to find the perfect dresses. I’ll find them at Ruff ‘n’ Tumble, the leading clothing brand for kids and teens. There is something so special about their dresses, they are pretty, girly and make every little girl feel like the princesses that they are.


An expecting Mum


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