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Ask An Expert: What Steps Can I Take To Avoid Having An Episiotomy?

Ask An Expert: What Steps Can I Take To Avoid Having An Episiotomy?

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Q: I had an episiotomy about 3 years ago during my first baby’s birth and the pains and discomfort were almost unbearable. What steps can I take to avoid having one again during my next delivery?

Christine Wild (Midwife, Fitness Expert, Nutritionist) says:

To prevent episiotomy, from the 36th week of pregnancy, you should massage your vagina twice daily with a little Jojoba oil. With a little oil on your index and middle fingers, massage your vagina for 3 to 5 minutes. A steam bath of hay flower seed for about 20 minutes daily will also most likely prevent an episiotomy by giving more elasticity.

However, do not do this if you have hemorrhoids. For a woman who has had episiotomy, I will advice that she takes a sitz bath with salt. Pour 8 table spoons of salt into a small bowl of warm water at 37ºc. Sit on it for about 20 minutes daily.

Q: I miscarried my first pregnancy at about 4 months two years back. Since then, I’ve been trying for a baby. My husband and I have undergone several tests which certify both of us healthy. The situation is getting gloomy. What course of action do you recommend?

Dr. Alex Kaoranu Molukwu (OB/GYN) says:

It’s unfortunate that you lost a pregnancy at 4 months two years ago. Time will heal the wound. You have been pregnant before for your husband and you will over and over again. A vacation together may do the trick. A change of job may be judged too high a price to pay but it’s often said that the end justifies the means.

Losing weight or change of drugs may be another option to be considered, and perhaps a second look at the various investigations done before may reveal that something was missed out.

Please when all other treatments have failed, then assisted conception, say IVF, may be the only other option. Just take it easy, relax and be cheerful. Your pregnancy test next cycle will be positive.

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