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‘Did The Bible Truly Say One Should Stay In An Abusive Marriage?’ Victoria Inyama Shares Her Thoughts

‘Did The Bible Truly Say One Should Stay In An Abusive Marriage?’ Victoria Inyama Shares Her Thoughts

Veteran actress, Victoria Inyama took to her Instagram page to share her thoughts on enduring an abusive marriage and how people always say the Bible discourages divorce except in cases of adultery.

Read her post below.

So today on d train I get to talk with this nice lady. She’s been through so much in her bad marriage. Somehow d police gets involved and she’s removed from that unsafe environment especially as children are involved. D issue now is one of d many Pastors whom she used to run to for help and prayers now tell her That” If she decides to end d abusive marry, D Bible says she is not allowed to remarry???. Ok so if that’s what d bible says then she suggests that what she would have done was after he beats her, she would have waited for him to sleep then she should have tied him up and beaten him up too or done worse to him? So I ask Did D Bible truly say one should stay In an Abusive marriage riddled with lies, cheating and adultery??? Did d bible or d People that wrote d bible not get a revelation on that? Is it fair??? If that’s d case then I would probably agree on an eye for an eye. Since its not biblically? Religiously or Christianly to leave? Then when d man hits, wait and endure till he kills you then he will be forgiven or wait till he’s probably asleep then strike. Abi?????. ?????? #live #love #learn Have a blessed Day Dearie sssss???

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  • Even if she’s not supposed to re-marry, let her leave first and save her life.

  • The problem with we Africans is that we don’t know the difference between Christianity and religion. Pastors should please stop saying the shits they say when it comes to divorce.

  • There is no point quoting the Bible in everything(yes I agree it should be our guide but wisdom should be applied). Eating eba and akpu is not in the Bible but that doesn’t make it a sin. In fact deliberately placing yourself in harm’s way is a sin as well as foolishness

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