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‘I don’t cook for my wife, I am sorry’ – Desmond Elliot On Family Life, Coping As A Busy Dad & More

‘I don’t cook for my wife, I am sorry’ – Desmond Elliot On Family Life, Coping As A Busy Dad & More

Nollywood actor, politician and dad of four, Desmond Elliot, who represents Surulere Constituency 1 at the Lagos State House of Assembly opened up on family life, coping as a busy dad and more in an interview with Punch. Read excerpts below.

On cooking for his wife

“I don’t cook for my wife, I am sorry. I wish I could. I cannot cook and I also do not have the time. I try my best.

No, it is not that I cannot cook for my wife but I cannot cook. My wife is a Calabar woman and she is very skilful in that area. So what I do is that once in a while, I go to the kitchen and boil water. I try my best but for the kids, they need my attention, so I try very hard to give it to them. It is always good to have conversation with your children.”


On juggling role as a legislator with being a father and an actor

“Already, my children have called me twice in the office today and it happens like this daily. My wife is not around now, so I am their dad and mother for now. From here, I would go to the movie location to supervise what they are doing and I have told my driver to bring my kids there too. That is one way I hang out with my children.”

On how he relaxes

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“I cannot remember the last time I went to the cinema to see a movie. When I spend time with my family, I relax that way. For instance, after I finish from the House of Assembly, I go to a movie location to see how my company is doing and I spend time with my colleagues. That is a form of relaxation. Sometimes they tease me that the place is no longer my constituency, that I should leave them but we all laugh. From there, I take my children home and we talk during the journey.”

On finding time to attend his children’s school functions

“I try. It is quite difficult but this is a question you could have asked my son. We had a conversation a few days ago. I go to their school as often as I can and anytime they have activities involving parents, they ask him if I would attend. He always tries to make sure that I come but I don’t make every meeting. My son, Desmond, communicates actively so I ask him questions and we talk a lot more than his twin brother. His twin brother is more reserved as far as there is enjoyment for him.”

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