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See Why Son Allegedly Butchered His Father To Death In Cross River State

See Why Son Allegedly Butchered His Father To Death In Cross River State

A 23-year-old, Francis Ekpo Ene, of Akpabuyo Local Government Area in Cross River State, allegedly butchered his father, who is the village head, for continuously accusing him of stealing his money without evidence.

Vanguard gathered Francis must have acted under a powerful and diabolical influence, as he was not known to be a violent person before the terrible incident.

According to the wife of the deceased, Mrs. Affiong Offiong Asuquo, the problem started when an unnoticeable amount of money, sometimes between N20, 000 to N50, 000, started disappearing from her husband’s safe in the bedroom. She explained:

“The problem started when my husband’s money started missing and he had always thought that it was his first son, who was responsible for the theft, not knowing that he was not the person involved, and he had always denied being the one. The height was when he sold his oil and kept N90,000 in a Nido milk can and the money got missing again, he was really angry because he could not fathom why such an amount of money could get missing in his house.”

Mrs. Affiong revealed it was discovered the money was actually being stolen by their daughter, who later disappeared to her boyfriend’s place and returned after they had exhausted the cash, pretending as if she knew nothing. However, the late village head would always accuse his epileptic son. She further explained that the boy had always said, “One day, I will steal your money since you are accusing me of what I did not do.” She added:

“He had also been cursing that one day; I will slaughter you and throw you inside the toilet for accusing me wrongly.’ All these came to pass that night as the father started shouting at him to provide the money he took from his room, the boy got angry and picked up a cutlass and pursued his father as I tried to intervene, he almost cut me.

I had to call for help, I went out to call people, including the youth leader  because it was a bit late at night, before I came back with the people in a matter of minutes, the deed had already been done, he had already killed his father and dumped him inside the pit toilet behind the house.”

Francis has reportedly been apprehended and handed over to the Police while his father is embalmed in the house.

A community leader, who pleaded anonymity after observing the sad incident said it was not ordinary because Francis Jnr was not known to be violent. He said:

“We are all surprised about what happened, but we have gone to the palace to inform our clan head that he has become indisposed because in our tradition, until the rite of passage is carried out, it can never be announced that he has joined his ancestors no matter the circumstance.”

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Another elder reportedly alleged that there were some forces that did not like Ekpo’s emergence as the village head. He disclosed that there had been a cold war, adding:

“This is a traditional coup resulting from that war to dethrone him. He became the village head last two years, the people did not know how else to get to him except his children, the boy who committed this sacrilege is just a little above 20, he is also sick; he is epileptic and has never hurt a fly even though some people believe that his epilepsy somehow affected his brain.”

The suspect is at the Divisional Police headquarters, Akpabuyo, awaiting the transfer of the case to the state headquarters.

Photo Credit: Vanguard

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