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10 Signs He’s Husband Material

10 Signs He’s Husband Material

For a variety of reasons, including being so head over heels in love, deciding if your guy is the right partner can be tricky. However, there are key pointers that can help you assess whether he’ll likely make a good spouse or not. Find a few of them below.

1. His lifestyle and values suit yours. What are his lifestyle habits? What are his values? What are your own expectations? Run a thorough checklist with your two eyes wide open. If he scores very high by your standards, and perhaps even inspires you to improve as an individual, he’s likely husband material.

2. He respects you and others around. Does he respect and treat you like a partner? Does your opinion on issues, including those that directly affect him count? Does he respect your feelings? Does he cheat on you? Does he abuse you or others verbally or physically? Taking a close look at how he treats you and others around him may give you a fresh perspective about his personality. On the other hand, it can also help you assess how much of a husband material he truly is.

3. His dreams and work ethics. He’s not the type to waste his productive years waiting for a ‘big’ job he may not get in 10 years while doing next to nothing to set a plan B in motion. He has future goals and the baby steps he constantly takes towards achieving them inspires you. He works really hard and will never take the easy route.

4. He is not an opportunist. You are perhaps better placed than he is but he never banks on that or turn you into some sort of micro-finance bank to fund his endless never successful business ventures. Yet, he isn’t insecure, lives within his means and still finds little ways to surprise you.

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5. He supports you. He supports your aspirations and does whatever he can to help you make them come true. He encourages you to pursue whatever will improve your life. This likely shows he’s not bothered if you turn out more successful and won’t frustrate your career or business goals when you become his wife.

6. He makes you very happy. You love him and he loves you too. He makes you laugh and let your guards down. And, you are amazed at how much bliss you have with him.

7. He always puts you first. You never have to wonder about how much he values your presence in his life because you are always top priority and he lets others, including his friends and family, know it. He is always there for you.

8. He lets you breathe. He loves spending lots of time with you but also lets you pursue other meaningful relationships. He trusts you and doesn’t act like he owns you.

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9. He fights fair. He is very mature and chooses his battles wisely. He is often the voice of reason and doesn’t make you feel you are always in the wrong. He knows when to say he is sorry.

10. You trust him. He’s human and has his flaws, but has not been feeding you loads of lies or half-truths all this while you’ve been together. He is sincere and loyal.

What would you add to this list?

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