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Check Out Pretty New Look Of Ese Oruru Who Was Forcefully Converted To Islam

Check Out Pretty New Look Of Ese Oruru Who Was Forcefully Converted To Islam

The young 14-year-old girl, Ese Oruru who was abducted and forced into child marriage (read here) before she was rescued is now looking stunning  following her rehabilitation since her release.

The teen mum who is expected to resume her education as a first-year Senior Secondary School pupil in Delta State, was forcefully abducted by one Yunusa Dahiru, a.k.a Yellow, from Bayelsa to Kano when she was a 13-year-old.

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She was also forcefully converted to Islam and impregnated by her abductor.

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Photo credit: Ossai Ovie Facebook

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  • Wow……kudos to the team that did this, she’s really stunning. Look at what that Boko boy wanted to waste for nothing.

  • who would believe it’s the same person?
    do you have to be sad and unhappy to be a Muslim?

  • Near nudity can never be close to freedom. Anyway don’t know if am not talking to audience that read Bible the least. Read what the Bible says about women code of dressings and stop all these unnecessary hails.

  • the departed glory is restored. she was initiated into Islam with Yasin. now her eyes are opened. lawal, wearing that ur smelling hijab does not make ur girls righteous or decent, they wear it to steal and prostitute. we have caught so many of them doing evil with hijab so stop judging how we look. u can’t u see that ese looks better and younger than before?

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