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Celebrity Mum, Joke Silva Reveals Secrets To Her Ageless Beauty

Celebrity Mum, Joke Silva Reveals Secrets To Her Ageless Beauty


Screen and stage goddess, Joke Silva, is ageless at 55.

In an interview with Punch , the veteran actress and producer reveals the secret to her youthfulness.

“I look this young because I keep working. There are still some things I want to do that have not been achieved. For instance, I have not seen a play run in Nigeria for a year not to talk of 20 years. That has to happen. It is part of my unfulfilled desires or unfinished business in the industry. Also, I hope we can get a proper and standard school for the performing arts and film running. Yes, we are doing it but not at the scale I would want it to be,” she said.

Mrs Joke Silva, who is currently busy with the production of a stage play, ‘Heartbeat the musical,’ and has also successfully produced 22 stage plays in her career, said that things had not always been easy and good, as no one showed up to watch the first play she produced along side her husband, Olu Jacobs. She however, has not given up on stage plays in Nigeria, as she believes that it would still be very valuable to the entertainment industry in the country.

“Stage plays cannot be pirated and there are lots of talented people who love the stage. They express themselves beautifully well at the theater either in front of the stage or behind the scenes as they make theater happen. For me, if it is possible to create work for them, why not?” She said

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he A-list actress is not left out feeling the pain caused by the economic recession, she confessed that she was feeling the brunt of recession and she gave an instance. Her upcoming musical play had not received its supposed funding, and most of the money spent on it was from her pocket. This doesn’t deter or stop the multi-talented actress and mother of two very grown up children, as hard work is her motto and she doesn’t plan on changing that anytime soon.


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