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How To Ensure Your Toddler’s Bed is Safe & Secure

How To Ensure Your Toddler’s Bed is Safe & Secure


How do I ensure my toddler’s bed is safe and secure?


1 In order to eliminate the risk of injury if your toddler falls, choose a bed that is low to the ground.

2 The location of your toddler’s bed matters. Keep away from extreme temperature such as opened windows and

strangling hazards such as window blind cords.

3 If you’ve assembled it yourself, ensure the bed is sturdy and all screws and joints are secure.

4 Make sure that your toddler cannot become trapped, avoid leaving little spaces between the side of the bed and the wall.

5 Whenever you wash your toddler’s bedding, make sure it’s been well aired and ironed  before re-use. Chemical residues and strong perfumes can aggravate asthma and produce allergic reactions in some children.

6 Choose natural fibres such as cotton and wool for bedding as this dispel heat and perspiration better.

7 If you are using bedding or pillows filled with feathers, check them frequently to ensure that the feathers cannot escape as they can pose a possible choking hazard.

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