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Dear MIMsters: Should I Go and Get This Job Behind my Hubby’s Back

Dear MIMsters: Should I Go and Get This Job Behind my Hubby’s Back

I really need counsel to avoid making a huge mistake but I desperately need a job.

I am an unemployed who finished school 6 years ago. I have tried severally to secure a job but unfortunately, nothing worked out. I don’t even have any job experience. I’m from a humble family of four and I’m the second. My dad retired years ago so my family more or less lives on his pension.

I got married immediately after school during my NYSC and I was pregnant. Presently, I have two children and my family struggles like every other to survive. Honestly, we are just okay, nothing spectacular although I yearn for more.

The issue now is my husband’s lackadaisical attitude towards getting me an employment or setting up a business despite having the capacity to do so. He’s one of those men who believes you have to make your wife completely dependent financially. Even though he’s aware of my family’s predicaments, he doesn’t help out. I even have to beg or quarrel to get little cash for personal necessities such as body cream, bathing soap for my self and my children.

Most of the times, my children lack except I get little cash to buy second hand clothing for them and myself, while hubby buys designer and only the best. He’s well connected and one of his connections is a top man in government.

According to my husband, the man had inquire about me and my employment status to which my hubby replied that he is still trying to decide whether to allow me work or not. The said man reportedly told my husband to find out from me which ministry would I love to work in. The out come of that opportunity remains unknown as my husband. He would always give unsatisfactory answer each time I ask about it.

As it is, I am really desperately in need of a job. My question is should I reach out to the man myself without informing my husband? I feel like this is a golden opportunity and the only reason why it hasn’t yielded any results is due to my husband’s indecision to allow me work and be useful to myself and my family.

I’m not a promiscuous lady so completely rule out any immoral act. I have tried severally other means of getting a job but NOTHING worked out. I feel useless and worthless when I can’t even buy recharge card without my husband. I can’t raise money either as hubby now shops in the market himself after several disagreement over feeding money, so no cash gets to me except through him.

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  • Imagine this kind man you call a husband smh. Please reach out to the man behind him and if heaven wants to fall when he finds out, let it fall mtschew.

  • He won’t start up a bizness 4 u and he won’t let u wrk, hmmm going behind his back to ask dah guy 4 help may cause u prblms in ur marriage, i’ud advice u look 4 urself or beta still apply online!!!!!! No idiot can try dat rubbish with me ooooo,, so he wants u to start begging?????? Mtcheeeeeeeeeeeeew

  • Exactly the man I married no difference, I have two children for him but for him to give me money na wahala he use plier hold money, as it is, I’m thinking of setting up my on bizness without his assistance, a times I have to lie to get money from him. The man is too stingy and that’s how he would be dashing pple money, pple tink m swimming in money. Na was for men

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