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6 Things Women Do During Menstruation

6 Things Women Do During Menstruation

Every month, women get a very familiar visitor that can change their mood for at least 7 days. This visitor (our monthly period)  likes to remind us of how hormonal and magical our bodies are. On the other hand, the unpleasant aspect is that around this time, we are in hell, burning and writhing in pain.

Now, everybody is different, some people welcome this visitor and don’t feel a thing, and on the other hand; some do not cope very well. That being said, we all have different ways of coping, but there are some very familiar and common traits all women have at this time:

1. We eat everything or nothing at all

We usually have no problem eating everything during this time, in-fact, that time of the month is when we indulge in chocolates, ice cream, coca cola, and all the sugary thinks that we were often told to avoid. On the other hand, some of us lose all appetite during this time and we find it so difficult to keep food down. Who else knows how annoying it is when you are throwing up on your period and your colleagues or friends suspect you might be having a baby? Helloo!! I’m bleeding down there!

2. We are happy because there is no baby

Medically, it is possible to see your period, and still be pregnant. That aside, when you aren’t too expectant to have a baby, you are secretly happy that in a few days, you are going to be back to your normal self, so you welcome Aunty Flo’ with so much happiness.

3. We tell everybody we are on our period

Do you remember that day that you were at work, and you realized it was that time of the month, so you had to ask the lady in the next department for a spare tampon or sanitary pad because you forgot had none?. Your male colleague noticed your moodiness and cranky attitude, and you just blurted out with a frown, “It’s a woman thing” or whatever code name we have these days for our period. Well, we hate to burst your bubbles ladies, but guys are not so ignorant of these things anymore. Some of them can even tell when a woman is on her period without you saying anything.

4. We wear our granny panties during these ‘trying’ times

All women have specially designated underwear for period days. Who wants to ruin some very sexy lingerie with a few spots of blood every now and then. We buy those plain old full briefs that we associate with our grandma’s or recycle some of our very old underwear for menstruation days.

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5. We avoid moving at all

All of a sudden, when our periods show up, we forget how to move around effortlessly. We are counting our steps, we avoid moving too fast, sometimes, we skip the gym all together on those days. We don’t want our tampon to fall out behind us, (even though the chances of that happening are very slim)

6. We have our special positions on those days

When severe cramps hit, we are suddenly able to perfectly replicate the positions that we maintained for nine months in our mother’s wombs. We don’t mind sleeping on the floor with our bottoms out, we can spread our legs and get comfy in that frog like position. To the women blessed with pain-free periods, you do not know what you are missing. Lucky you!

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