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Kick These 6 Habits Now to Reduce Your Belly Fat

Kick These 6 Habits Now to Reduce Your Belly Fat

Are you disturbed by your weight especially in your tummy area? If you knew what you could to reduce your belly fat, would you do it? Start by kicking these six eating unhealthy habits as prescribed by lifespan.

1. Drinking Carbonated Drinks Regularly

Can’t last a day without gulping down a can or two of soda? If this is you, then you’re certainly not being kind to your body. According to researchers, consuming one or two cans of soda daily causes your waistline to increase at least five times faster than those who barely drink soda in the course of a week. The concept behind this is that the high amount of sugar used in sodas trigger your craving for food, so you end up eating more than you should. Opting for healthy smoothies, fresh fruit juices, or a glass of water with lemon zest and mint leaves instead would do you a world of good.

2. Using a Larger Plate Each Time You Eat

When you have a larger space to pile up your food, you tend to consume more than your body needs, and that leads to more fat stored in your body. To avoid this nasty chain reaction, make it a point to use smaller plates and resist the urge to go back for more after you’ve already had enough.

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3. Dining Too Late at Night

While it’s true that your body naturally burns some flab as you sleep, it might not be able to efficiently do so when you go to bed on a full stomach. Aside from causing belly fat, eating late and reclining on a full stomach increases your risk of developing acid reflux and indigestion, since gravity is no longer able to pull everything in your tummy straight down. Try not to lie down for at least three hours after dinner.

4. Eating When Sad, Angry or Upset

Emotional eating does nothing to make you feel better. If there’s anything you can get from this habit of eating whenever you’re upset or stressed out, it’s just hideous belly fat. The best way to combat this response to stress is by drinking a glass of water, talking to a friend, or taking a relaxing walk.

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5. Consuming Low-Fat Foods More Often

Some people assume that high-fat foods and drinks lead to more fat storage in your belly. The truth is, monounsaturated fats are not bad for you. If anything, foods such as avocados, olive oil and seeds work well in eliminating belly fat. Be wary of too many low-fat foods, since manufacturers often add sugar to these items. And you know what that means – the more sugar you have in the body, the greater your chances of storing more body fat.

6. Not Getting Enough Protein in Your Regular Diet

Have you been depriving your body of protein-rich foods? Generally, healthy adults should consume at least 20 to 25 grams of protein in each meal, although this depends on your activity level and body size. By increasing your protein intake, you can balance out your blood sugar while reducing insulin levels to promote a faster metabolic rate. What’s more, protein helps control hormones that increase your appetite, so you can slim down naturally.

To power up your daily meals, consider eating high-protein foods such as turkey, skinless chicken, salmon and eggs.

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