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”I’m 3 years older than him. It was love that really endured” – Wife of Ondo State Governor-elect, Betty Akeredolu Reveals

”I’m 3 years older than him. It was love that really endured” – Wife of Ondo State Governor-elect, Betty Akeredolu Reveals

Betty Akeredolu, wife of the new Ondo State governor, Rotimi Akeredolu has revealed that she was attracted to his physique, while they were both corpers.

In an interview with ThisDay, the new First Lady, who is also a fish farmer, stated that she was not looking to marry a man who was already made.

Speaking of how they met and fell in love, the Imo State-born mum of four said:

The Governor, his wife with their four children

”It’s a long story. Actually my husband was a youth corper then in Enugu. I was also posted to Enugu. So, a friend of mine visited me and then she came along with her boyfriend who also came along with my husband. That was how we met and it was love at first sight. I think people frown at love at first sight but it worked for us.

I fell in love with his broad shoulders. Then he was really looking very cute. I can still remember what he was wearing that day. I won’t forget – a red shirt, long sleeves, and jean trousers.

He was really looking great and then we were very young and restless. That was like 37 years ago. He couldn’t even take me out because he didn’t have money as a youth corper. It was quite magnetic and that was it. And besides I have always said that whoever that was going to marry me must be able to sweep me off my feet completely and that was exactly what happened.

There is a three-year age difference between us. I am older than him anyway. I was like 25 then while he was 22. It was love that really endured. I had graduated and in my place when a girl graduates from the university, suitors come from left, right and centre. And your parents would expect you to go for a self-made man with everything.

But I have always known that there was no way I could have married a self-made man. I will rather build a home from the scratch with you because I want to have a say in my home.

My parents were educated and so they didn’t see a reason to obstruct us. My father understood what modernity is all about when it comes to relationship and also understood the fact that when a young girl falls in love, it is always difficult to talk her out of it. And knowing that I was strong opinionated right from time, he knew that this one that I have brought was the right man,” she said.

On her plan to help Ondo women during her husband’s tenure:

”Yes, because one thing my husband will never fail to mention is that when he talks with women he would tell them that they already have an advocate in the house. If you look at my antecedent, you would not doubt the fact that better days await Ondo State women because I have always been at the forefront of anything that has to do with women. It comes to me as something natural. It is not something that I am just beginning to show interest in. The interest has always been there. And given this opportunity you don’t expect me to do less. I will even do more.

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I have the leverage now to even do more. And I think that Nigerian women, without doubt, have come a long way and I think we have gotten to a level where we should be at the forefront and champion the cause of women because many of us have the educational background and what education does to you is that it emboldens you, broadens your horizon and it makes you objective. You would be able to ask tough questions. You don’t just swallow hook, line, and sinker what any one tells you. You would be able to ask questions because you have got the language, you have got the boldness and you are not timid. If there are causes so dear to us, you go out there and fight for it because the men aren’t going to fight for us.

Let’s not pretend that we do not have war between genders, yes there is, and we cannot run away from it. No matter how open minded a man is, they will always protect their own. And I think that women too should also protect their own. Both sexes have their peculiarities. There are needs that are very dear to us, as women and these may not be the concern of men, so if you sit down there and say the men will do it, they won’t do it. You have to do it and that is why I am saying that nothing should hold us from going all out and fight for the cause of the women. We want our women to be more advanced in all endeavours. We can no longer say it’s a man’s world. No, it is no longer a man’s world. It is a man and woman’s world now.”

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