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UPDATE: ”I have a feeling that my abducted daughter is being held in Kano” – Heartbroken Father

UPDATE: ”I have a feeling that my abducted daughter is being held in Kano” – Heartbroken Father

On November 19, 2016, Umar Suleiman, took to social media to post a picture (read here) of his little daughter, Khadijah, who was allegedly abducted by a woman in the Kuje area of the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.

Two weeks later, a family member, Karimah Bint Yusuf, shared more sad news that the little girl has been found dead and that her corpse was found under Gwagwalada bridge, Abuja (read here).

According to a new report, Khadijah’s father is claiming  that his two-year-old daughter is not dead adding that she is being kept somewhere in Kano.

Suleiman, while speaking to Northern City News on the telephone on Monday, said he had confirmed that a girl, whose body was found under the bridge was not his daughter.

He stated that the body was that of another girl abducted alongside his daughter.

”I was there; I saw the girl’s remains; she was not my daughter. She is still missing. The woman (abductor) stole two children and the girl dumped under the bridge was a girl wearing diaper. My daughter stopped wearing diaper a long time ago.

That day, she stole two children and one of them was on her back. I believe it was the small girl on her back that her remains were seen.”

Speaking further, Suleiman said that indications had emerged that his daughter was one of the children abducted by a syndicate in Abuja and moved to Kano.

”To be sincere, my daughter is still alive and the people (abductors) are keeping her because of the publicity. I suspect that they are keeping her, giving her food and not allowing her to go out. I don’t know if you have anybody in Kano because in Kano children get missing every week, at least, three to five children. I am looking at the possibility that the syndicate may have infiltrated Abuja. It is not only my daughter who is missing in Abuja.”

When asked how he arrived at the conclusion, Suleiman replied,

”I have the feeling that Kano is where they are keeping my daughter. I don’t know the specific place but that is where my daughter is. I went to the DSS; I even saw the Director of FCT Command.

Anytime I go to his office, it does not take five minutes for me to see him. But whenever I call him for updates, he always tells me that those guys (kidnappers) are members of a syndicate and they  (DSS) had not been able to make any headway but they will continue to work on it,” he stated.

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Heartbroken Suleiman alleged that the police asked for money to investigate his daughter’s abduction, Punch reports.

”The first time the case was transferred to SARS, they were asking for a huge sum of money for investigations. Somebody in Lagos directed me to the CIB Command in Area 6 (Abuja).

Less than one week after I reported the case to CIB, they were able to make arrests. I was with SARS when they were investigating the case but they did not do anything,” he said.

Meanwhile, when asked if the police demanded money for investigations, the FCT police spokesman, Manzah Anjuguri, denied this, saying Suleiman did not lodge any complaint when he met with him shortly after his daughter was abducted.

He promised to find out the status of the probe into Khadijah’s abduction, but he was yet to get back with his findings as of the time of filing this report.

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