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Morbidly Obese Girl Leaves Doctors Stunned in India

Morbidly Obese Girl Leaves Doctors Stunned in India

8-month-old Chahat Kumar in India, allegedly weighs as much as a healthy 4-year-old. Her health condition has left doctors surprised over what could be causing her insatiable appetite. Chahat was born a healthy baby without any complications, but now weighs close to 38 pounds.

“It’s not our fault. God gave this condition to her. It’s not in our hands. I feel bad when some people laugh at her for being fat,” cried her father.

Doctors from the hospital where Chahat was taken to have been unable to get a blood sample from her to run any tests because her skin is too thick, reports Fox News.

Dr. Sharma, her pediatrician, said he recommended the family take Chahat to a pediatric specialist at the Civil Hospital, but they are not able to afford it.

“Her weight is increasing excessively, and it has to be controlled She has to eat less. She eats like a 10-year-old kid,” said Dr Sharma.

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Her parents, who lost a son before she was born, said they will keep searching for answers in hopes of Chahat having a normal childhood.

“We don’t have enough money for her treatment, but we do our best to make sure she gets well,” Reena, Chahat’s mother, said.

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