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Top 5 secrets to a Happy Marriage

Top 5 secrets to a Happy Marriage

To have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do us part”..

When these vows are made, most people are not thinking about getting divorced in the next 10 years, or living with a husband or wife who will eventually grow to become abusive.

Marriage is renewed everyday, it’s about compromise, submission, respect, love, and devotion. These are all fancy words to sum it up, however when the flames of life start to burn, it becomes difficult to remember to be loving. You may forget to respect your husband when he’s been without a job for two years leaving all the bills to you. You may forget to speak lovingly to your wife when she’s made you angry.

It happens to the best of couples sometimes. Despite life’s storms, the secret to a happy marriage is learning how to write your wrongs and doing it ever so often, that you make it difficult for your partner to want to be with anyone else but you. There is no “true” secret to keeping a marriage, but we know that these 15 tips will help you get through today, tomorrow, and next year happily:

  • Always be Honest with each other

Honesty borders on trust. Take a piece of paper, once its crumbled up, it will be very difficult to straighten out, even if it is, its never going to be smooth again. That’s how trust works, little lies, misinformation, not enough communication, and overtime it crumbles trust between a couple. Be honest to a fault. It’s not vulnerability, its strength to show that you respect your partner.

  • Accept each other’s faults

Accept your partner’s past faults and present ones. Do not hold them to ransom for mistakes made in the past, even if they do not directly affect you. Forgive and let go. In marriage mistakes will be made daily, the key to survival is not the offending party offering an apology, but the hurt party accepting the fault, forgiving it and learning over time to move past it.

  • Compromise

Learning to compromise might be difficult, but it is important. Making a choice just to make your partner happy is key, and should be practiced by both husband and wife. It should be a mutual decision to secure and make stronger the bond between you both.

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  • Say “I love you” regularly

“I love you” sometimes is enough to end arguments and fights. A sentence that reassures your partner that through the body changes, rich or poor times, sleepless nights your love will not change, works magic for your relationship. It continues to reaffirm and re-assure them silently.

  • Share parenting duties

Parenting is not for mothers only. Paying your children’s fees is not for fathers only. It took the sperm and the egg from both of you to create your beautiful children. When responsibilities arise concerning them, it should be shared. Husbands, don’t leave all the cooking to your wife, sometimes make a meal for the family. Wives, don’t feel that it’s your husbands right to pay their fees every term. Sometimes surprise him and say “Baby I’ve got this”.


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